Serving people
changes hearts.

We partner with the people of La Paz, Honduras, to achieve self-sufficiency, healthy living, and dignity through providing clean water, safe houses, and education.





Everyone deserves opportunity

All people deserve clean water, a roof overhead, and the opportunity to provide for their family. We make that happen in Honduras.

Basic Needs

In the city of LaPaz 80% people don’t have clean water.

We are changing that. Our teams install water filters, private latrines, and all the basic needs for healthy living.


When the majority of students never go beyond 5th grade progress is impossible. For girls, the statistics are even worse.

In partnership with the Mayor of LaPaz, we provide over 500 free uniforms so children, mostly girls, can go to school.

Women’s Empowerment

Entrepreneurship is the economic engine in Honduras and women are leading the way.

We invest in business-minded women who pursue careers that provide a living wage for their families.


School Uniforms

Send a girl to school and she will conquer the world.

School uniforms are the “golden ticket” for girls in Honduras. Uniforms are required for children to attend school, and if a family can only afford one set, it often goes to the son. Our uniform program pays local women to make school uniforms, giving women a reliable income and girls a chance to go to school.


Empowerment – not handouts – has equipped
thousands of Hondurans to overcome poverty.

For the last ## years Honduras Compassion Partners has been providing the following …

School Uniforms

We help girls receive uniforms so that they are able to attend school.

Income Generation

We’ve partnered with the mayor of La Paz to pay women to sew school uniforms, allowing girls to attend school and women to have a source of income.

Health & Hygiene

Our teams, along with local residents, install water filters and private latrines to provide families with the building blocks of healthy living.

Community Development

Through our years of service in La Paz, we have created deep and meaningful relationships with the community through events, education and spiritual outreach.

Water Purification

We install home water filters, ensuring clean drinking water for up to ten years.

Home Building

We build new houses for families, protecting them from the elements, and keeping them safe and healthy.


Many people in La Paz don’t have access to the city’s sewage system. We install latrines that are private, safe, and sanitary.

Adult Education

We invest in education. This includes classes for high school equivalency, computer repair, and English as a second language.

Community Outreach

From Youth Sports Days to Community Family Nights, we invest in the community through events, nutritious meals and sports.

Spiritual Outreach

The Gospel of Jesus is the core of our work, but we love and serve people regardless of where they are in their faith. We love Jesus, so we love people.

Fire Departments

Firefighters across the US have partnered with the La Paz Fire Department to provide training and equipment.

Land Development

We own 17 acres in La Paz, and our hope is to build a training center, dorms for volunteers, a health clinic, and a garment manufacturing center.


Local People, Global Impact

You want to make a difference. A big difference. You want your dollars, time, and expertise to have a global impact.
We’re here to help. We have the community connections in Honduras to ensure that your donations or volunteer team have a huge impact. Everyone deserves the chance to thrive.


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Make A Difference

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A Hands-on Way to Make a Difference

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We welcome volunteer teams! Give your time to ensure that everyone has a chance to thrive. Help us install water filters, build homes and create community.

What Past Team Members Are Saying

Working with HCP and traveling to Honduras was a life-changing experience. I left a part of me in La Paz, and because of the beautiful people, I am forever changed.

— Jennifer, February 2019

Working with HCP and traveling to Honduras was a life-changing experience. I left a part of me in La Paz, and because of the beautiful people, I am forever changed.

— Jennifer, February 2019


Building Relationships Since 2013

Our vision is to help the people of La Paz achieve self-sufficiency, healthy living, and dignity. We started this journey as a 501(c)3 in 2013 as a mission of Chesapeake Church. We follow Jesus’ model: because we love Jesus, we love people. We show that love through action.


Local People. Global Impact.

Let your compassion make a difference today.