Our Initiatives

Clean Water & Sanitation

In La Paz Honduras, many people in poor areas have no access to sanitary bathrooms. Poorly built outhouses are constructed resulting in contaminated water sources. HCP is tackling this problem by installing safe, sanitary latrines for these families.

Education – The International Training Center (ITC)

The ITC is an educational center working with people to finish high school, learn computer skills, vocational English, and other skills that will help them find a job and become self-sufficient.

Women’s Empowerment

The Women’s Empowerment Initiative was born out of this need. Our area of focus is The Garment Manufacturing Business. We provide the training for disempowered women to manufacture and sell school uniforms providing low cost uniforms to kids in La Paz. The Garment Manufacturing Business is now up and running, and it’s employing 4 women full time!

Community Programs

From sports and youth programs to feeding nights, HCP is all about building relationships. Community programs are the perfect way to connect with our friends in La Paz and learn how we can best serve their community.